online money making ideas for women and housewives, moms     Today we Talk about the 3 best online money making ideas for women (housewives, mothers) from internet. Many women are waste their spare time & knowledge in home, because of their family-duty. But many of them willing to earn some money for their family development. So they need a job with some limitations like work in free time, lowest or without investment, easy work.  There are so many online jobs are available for women, among these jobs today we talk about 5 ways of online money making.  Read also – Top 10 Possible Ways to Make Money Online From Home.

5 Online Money Making Ideas for Housewives :


  • Cooking Tutorials :

     Create cooking tutorials for beginners. This is one the Easiest & Popular online money making way for women from home.  Because Cooking is the daily work  for women. You can Make money by write cooking tutorials in blogs. And also you can make money in youtube by uploading your own cooking tutorials videos. How to Create a new YouTube Account

How to Upload Videos in YouTube & Make Money


  • Create a Blog/Website :

     Run a blog or website and make money. This is the 100% satisfied online Money making programme for every one. It did not require any special technical qualifications, simple computer & internet knowledge is enough. It is the biggest income source in the internet. for help read our post – How to Create a free Blog and Make Money Part – 1.  How to Create a free Blog and Make Money Part – 2.


  • Freelancing :

     Freelancing is the another biggest and important online money oppertunity. They provide lot of works in lot of category. You can get your work from suitable category and done it correctly, then you can earn decent money. Every one can join this site for free.


  • Online Data Entry Jobs :

     In the internet, there are thousands of websites are providing these online data entry jobs. It is very easy to work, because it requires basic computer knowledge and good typing skills. If you have a fast typing skill, you can make more money in short time. For more details read this post – How to Make Money With Online Data Entry Jobs from Home


  • Referral Marketing :

     Referral marketing means you can earn money by just referraing products to other peoples. Many online companies are offering some % of commission amount to the people, who refer their product for sale. Make online Money from just sending SMS and Get Free Recharge. If you refer more, you can earn more money. How make money from social networking sites – will be discussed in the next post.