how to create a pinterest account     Pinterest is one of the biggest Social bookmarking site in the world. It has more than 90,000,000 Unique visitors in every month and 30th rank in Alexa traffic rank. Most of the female internet users are interested to use pinterest site, because it encourage small entrepreneur and small business indirectly and also it is one of the biggest traffic source for blogs and websites. If you have a fashion or food related blogs, you can get tons of visitors from pinterest easily. It allows the users to pin images with link.

How to create a New Pinterest Account :

Step : 1

  • Go to Pinterest Website

Step : 2

  • There are 2 options are their for creating a new account.
  • 1st option is  Creating a account with your facebook account.
  • 2nd option is creating a account with your Email account.

Step : 3

  • If you want to sign up with facebook account, it is very easy.
  • If you want to sign up with Email, then follow these steps.

Step : 4

  • A popup window will be opened. 
  • Fill the details in these box and click “Sign up”

how to make a pinterest account with email id

Step : 5

  • After the “Sign up” process they will give a demonstration for you, so must watch it.
  • Now your new account created.  then click a confirmation Email – link from your Email inbox.

Step : 6

  • Now customize your Profile with your picture, your informations, Website name, etc.,


How to create a New Pinterest Board : 


Step : 1

  • Select Create Board option in your Profile.
  • Enter a Name for your Board and write some description about the board.

Step : 2

  • Select a Suitable Category for your board.
  • Select “No” for Secret board. If you select “Yes”, your board will be hidden for every one.

Step : 3

  • Finally click Create button.
  • Now Your New Board was created.


 How to create a New Pin on Pinterest Board : 

Step : 1

  •  Click “Add a pin” option.
  • You can pin a image from your Computer or Internet or Pinterest ( already pinned image )

Step : 2

  • If you want to pin a image from your, then select a picture and click “Pin it” button.
  • If you want to pin a image from internet, then paste the URL and click Find image.
  • Click “Pinterest” option for Repin a pin from others.