World’s Top 10 Important & useful Search Engines list in 2013

top 10 best search engines     Search Engines are play the major role in the internet while searching the informations.  it helps to search everything like articles, videos, images, news, games, tutorials, Songs, Places, etc., and also it gives tons of tons traffic (visitors) for websites in the internet.  It is the main traffic source of every blog (Website), a blog’s 80 % of traffic is depend on Search Engines.  There are Thousands of Search Engines are available in the internet, but the Top 10 popular Search engines are listed below. 

Top 10 Important Search Engines list : 


  • Google : 

     As we know, this is the internet giant.   This is the No 1 Search engine in the world,  yes there are 70 % of the searches are made via Google search engine.  It has  900,000,000 Visitors in every month (estimated), No 1. in Alexa rank.


  • Bing : 

     It is the search which is introduced by Microsoft for gives challenge with Google.  It has 165,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 22. in Alexa Rank.


  • Yahoo :

     This is the Most Third most popular search engine in the world.  Since 2011 Yahoo is collaborated with Bing.  It has 160,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 4. in Alexa Rank.


  • Ask :

     It gets fourth place in this list, this is a question/answer format search engine.  It has 125,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 52. in Alexa Rank.


  • Aol : 

     This is one the oldest Search engines in the world.   It has 33,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 73. in Alexa Rank.


  • Mywebsearch :

     It gets no 6 in most popular search engines list.  It has 19,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 225. in Alexa Rank.


  • Blekko : 

     This is one the spam free search engine introduced by ex-Googlers.  It has 9,000,000 regular visitors in every month, No 715. in Alexa Rank.


  • Lycos : 

     This is one the most popular and oldest Search Engine in the world, it works since 1994.  It has 4,300,000 regular visitors in every month, No 2,097. in Alexa Rank.


  • Dogpile :

     This is one the most popular Search Engine which is fetches the results with other Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, Yandex.  It has 2,900,000 regular visitors in every month, No 3,545. in Alexa Rank.


  • Webcrawler :

     This is one of the Oldest and popular Search Engine in the world.  It is used to Crawl the Pages of the Websites.  It has 2,700,000 regular visitors in every month, No 4,507. in Alexa Rank. 


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