top 10 features of Google project - glass     Google Glass is the Project Glass which is Innovated  and introduced by Google. This is the Most Expected gadget of the year 2013.  This is a Eyeglass connected with the computing device, it has small Camera, Touch pad, Battery, Display, Microphone for bring the informations in front of your eyes, it works like a mini projector.  it helps to take images and videos, search in the internet, Video calling, Send messages, share informations, View maps, Weather reports, etc., 

It has 640 x 360 high resolution screen, 5 MP Camera and 720p video recording, 16 GB Flash storage and 12 GB Usable storage, Wifi and Bluetooth enabled, “one full day of typical use” type battery.  it will available in the market for  $ 1,500 approximately.

Top 10 Features of Google Project Glass :


  • Hands-Free, Photos & Videos : 

     One of the amazing feature of google glass is the skill to take Photos and Videos just say “ok glass, take a picture” then the glass will take a picture of video automatically. and also we can share the images in the google plus profile immediately.


  • Internet Search Results :

     You can search anything in internet through this project glass with the help of Wi-Fi internet connection.  if you want to know about anything you just ask then you will get the results.


  • Navigation App:

     The Navigation app used to find your way from anywhere with the help of Google Maps.  This will helps in the travel for view distance, directions, and time consuming etc., 


  • Easy Translation :

     This glass works like a amazing translator.  yes you can translate one language to another language by just asking.  for example ask how to say “thank you” in Danish. 


  • Capture Quality Videos :

     Google Glass allows to capture quality videos ( 720p hd ).  and also share the videos immediately. 


  • Virtual Reminders ( Task ) :

     Google glass works like a virtual reminder, If you say “remind me (something)” it will remind you the correct time. 


  • E-mails and Text Messages : 

     You can send and receive e-mails and test messages with the help of google glass by just voice commanding. 


  • Get More Details :

     If you going to some tourist spots and you need to know more about the place then take a photo of the place, search online and get more details about it. 


  • Chatting, Video Call : 

     You can chat with anyone in online via text or video call with the help of google glass.  this is the one of the amazing advantage of this device. 


  • Watch YouTube Videos : 

   This is one of the cool feature of the google project glass.  you can watch YouTube videos in your free time.  and also you can learn more things via videos like music, cooking, craft, drawing, painting, etc.,