google's Android Keyboard app for free     Recently Google launches Keyboard App for Android OS Devices.  It runs with Android 4.0 and Above Versions.  It has more than 12 layouts and it supports 26 languages, this is one of the useful feature from google keyboard.  The appearance of this app is so awesome, every individual keys have bright black colour gap between them.  This app is very easy and useful for the users who have used the SwiftKey app. 

Features of Google Keyboard Android App : 


  • It has Gesture Typing Option, which is allows you to slip your fingers on the letters and form a word easy. 
  • Need space between the words, just sake finger and the space will automatically appear.
  • Another Feature of this app is Automatic error Correction and Word predictions.
  • The Dictionary for this app has support 26 Languages.
  • You can Type messages via Voice typing option with the help of microphone.
  • It has 12 Awesome and Beautiful layouts. 
  • It gives the users Accurate and Speed Experience. 
  • It Runs in Android 4.0 and above versions.
  • It works in Mobiles phones and Tablets. 
  • Introduced in July 31 2013.
  • Vibration Option for Accurate Typing. 
  • Size – 15 MB.

Download Google Keyboard Android App – Google Play

Now you can get Google Keyboard Android app for your Android device and get more  advantages of this App.