How to stop ads in youtube videos     Hai friends We have already talk about “How to Skip Ads  on YouTube“.  Today also discuss about how to stop ads on YouTube videos but easy way.  In the first method we need Google Chrome Web browser for Installing a Extension.  But this method is not required any installation process and any other software.    We need just Refresh a Video page while the video was starts to play.  But Refreshing is did not prevent of playing Overlay in-video ads. but it is used to stop TrueView in-Stream ads. 

How to Stop Unwanted Ads on YouTube :


  • .Go to the YouTube Site.
  • Next Search and Choose your Favourite Video for Watching. 
  • Play the Video.
  • If  TrueView ads are playing before the video, click the Refresh button (F5).
  • Now the ads are skipped. but the Overlay in-Video ads are displayed below and top right of the video.
  • If you want to Skip all the Ads in YouTube videos, this is useful for you. How to Skip Ads (Advertisement) on YouTube Videos.

Thank you.