how to protect files and folers in pc or laptop     How to Protect  Secret files and Folders with Password in your Personal Computer or Laptop.  Many of the Computer Users are needs this Password protection for their Secret or Private Files.  Because some files can be very important like Bank Transaction Statements, personal Photos and Videos, Some important Secrets, Business Informations, Company Details, etc.,  You can Protect these files from anyone (Friends, Family members, Relations, Officers, and also Hackers) without any Software.  If you want to use this option, you must have Windows OS with any version.

How to Protect Files & Folders with Password :

Now We can discuss in Step by Step.

Step : 1

  • Select the File or Folder for Password Protect.
  • Click Mouse Right Click on the File or Folder.

how to hide files and folders in pc


Step : 2

  • A Menu box will Open.
  • Go to the Mouse in Send to Option.
  • Now a Sub menu will open. 
  • Select “Compressed (Zipped) Folder” Option.

Step : 3

  • Now a Compress Folder will be Created Automatically.
  • This folder contains Your file as Zipped File.
  • So delete the real file (Created by you).

Step : 4

  • Next Open the Zipped Folder.
  • Select the File.
  • Click File Menu.
  • Select “Add Password” option.

Step : 5

  • Now a Pop up box will Opened.
  • Insert Password.
  • And type it Again in the Below Column.
  • Now click “OK” Button.
  • Now your File was protected with Password.

Step : 6

  • If anyone will open the File it required the Password.
  • You can open the File with the Password.