Offline english dictionary for android

     English Dictionary Offline is one of the most Downloaded and Top rated Dictionary App for Android, which is available on Google play store. It is completely free of cost, so any Android user can use this app on their smartphone& tablet without paying anything. Best Features of this app is, it can works offline and it is easy to manage by anyone. It Contains more than 160000 words, so you can learn more with this app. The current version of this app is 1.9.3, it works in Android 2.2 and above versions. The total memory of this app is just 13 MB, so this light weight App won’t affect the speed of your device in any situation. And also you can search any words through this app with the help of google search box in order to get some additional information. After using this App surely you will say “It is one of the best learning apps for everyone”. 
         Top & Best Features of English Dictionary Offline :


  • It contains more than 160000 Words.
  • Fast and accurate results.
  • Easy to manage by anyone.
  • It can works offline.
  • You can use internet, when you can’t find a word in the offline mode.
  • Bookmark option is available.
  • Words are stored in browsing history.
  • Search with Google Search box.
  • Easy user Interface.
  • The result will shows Pronunciation, Noun, Verb.
  • Quick search with Suggestions.
  • We can Change the size of the window.
  • It works based on Wiktionary.
  • Simple Touch Keyboard.


Free Download Link – English Dictionary Offline


Name                        :   English Dictionary Offline

Current Version      :  1.9.3

Platform                  :   Android 

Size                           :  13 M

Required Version   : Android 2.2 And Above

Uses of Dictionary App:

     Basically Dictionary helps the people to find the meaning of the words that they are searching for it. It helps to figure out the exact meaning of the words and the dictionary shows you the correct word with the correct pronunciation. The Dictionary provides an additional feature called translation, which helps to translate the English word in different languages based on the edition. This Dictionary is used to carry out in your Android Phone and it is very easy to access through the Android App. The User interface is very easy to search the particular word that the users want to know the meaning for it. The words are arranged in the Alphabetical order which, will be easy for the users to search any word without any confusion.

The Dictionary will also help to know the difference between the meaning of the words by comparing it with the other word. The Bookmark can be marked using the option provided for this feature. This feature helps to bookmark the particular page, where the user will get back to it after some time. There are some extra features which will guide the users to get the meaning for the words easily. There will be more than 196000 English definitions are available in the dictionary. The Crossword is a feature used to find a new word, if any unknown letter is there, the users can use the symbol ? in the place of the unknown letter. It gives the results of many related words to the word they are given.

The Dictionary itself guides the users to pronunciation the correct word with the help of the Phonetic transcription which will be unique for each word. This Dictionary App will contain about tons of words and meanings for it. There is an interesting feature called Random Search, which will shuffle the words to help the users to learn new words.