how to make money in the weekends, free time from home       Do you want to make money from home in the weekends and free time from home, then this article may help you for money making. if you may be a hard working people in the week days but you have spending more time for useless activities. This is the main problem of many people life. they work hard in the week days (even they did not have time for taking food regularly) but they waste all the time in Saturday, Sunday like doing take long rest, Watching TV, Watching Movies in the theatres, Playing, etc., 


5 Ways to Make Money in the Weekends :


  •  Sell your Old Things :

     This is the one of the amazing method for making money in weekends.  Clean your Store rooms and find some unwanted old things like Paint bucket, old chairs, useless plastic and wooden things,  and waste steel things etc.,  these things are must be sold things.  If you sold these old things you have double benefits, 1st one is you have cleaned place and another one is you will get some decent money. 


  • Partime Tutor : 

     If you have a knowledge in Music, Yoga, Maths, Computer Languages, Hardware Service, art & Craft, Drawing, Painting, you may Conduct the weekend classes and make some Extra Money.


  • Sell Your Own Creation : 

     If you are a good Creativity person, you can create some beautiful ,useful things and sell it for money.  For example you can create beautiful ladies handbags in multiple designs, it has huge demand in the market.  So you can earn some extraordinary money in this method.


  • Referral Marketing :

     Referral Marketing means, Join the referral programmes in the companies and refer some products to peoples.  If anybody buy goods via your reference you will get some Commission from the Companies.  


  • Make Money In Internet :

     This is the Hot topic in the internet.  There are many jobs in the internet for making money like Website Design, Web Hosting, Data Entry Works, Apps Development, etc.,  If you want to know the Brief information about online money making view our another post – Top 10 Possible Ways to Make Money Online From Home Easy.  This may help you for know more about make money in the internet.