how to upload videos in youtube     Hi friends we have already discuss about “How to Create (Sign Up) a new YouTube Account“.  So today we talk about how to upload videos in YouTube and how to make money with YouTube videos.   YouTube is the one of the biggest and easiest platform to earn money via just uploading videos.  We can upload .AVI, .3GP, .MOV, .MP4, .WMV, .MPEG, .FLV, etc., Format Videos.  YouTube did not give money for uploading  “copyrights” videos, the copyrights videos includes Movies, Tv programmes, Books, Painting, Advertisements, Articles, Paintings, Computer Software, Video Games, Music shows.  They encourage the users to upload their own videos. 

How to Upload Videos in YouTube :


  • Step : 1

     Go to the YouTube home page.  Sign in with your Gmail id & Password.


  • Step : 2

     Go to your Channel then Click “Upload” option on the top right side. 


  • Step : 3

     A new window will be opened.  Click “Select files to Upload” option for Uploading a video from your Computer or click “Record” option for record live Video from Webcam, or click “Create” option for Photo Slideshow videos.  

add videos in youtube


  • Step : 4

   After the Uploading insert Title, Description, Tags for the video.   These are very useful tool for find your videos in YouTube.  


  • Step : 5

     Select any Thumbnails from the following below thumbnails or Upload new thumbnail for your video.


  • Step : 6

     Select “Public” option in the Privacy Settings, select correct category and save the settings. 


  • Step : 7

     Monetizing Options =>  if your account was eligible to Monetization (Google Adsense Account), you have “Monetizing Options” on bottom side.( if you have it, then select it)


  • Step : 8

     Select “Monetize my video” option and “Overlay in videos ads” on ad formats. finally save the settings. 

how to monetize youtube videos


  • Step : 9 

     Next  go the “Video Manager” Page, if your video have a “dollar symbol” in green colour, the video was monetized.  Then you can make money via your videos.  


  • Step : 10

      Now you can share your YouTube Videos in Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.,   If you get more views from YouTube videos you will earn more via Google Adsense Programme.