how to protect your facebook account     Do you want to secure (protect) your Facebook (FB) Account. You must do some Precaution activities and security operations. Because every day thousand and thousands of Facebook account was hacked by hackers. There are many reasons for this problem like insecure passwords, forget for logout, Login the same account in many devices, Plays admin roles in unnecessary “Fan Pages”, incomplete security Options, etc., 

Secure your Facebook account from hackers : 


  • Go to the Facebook Home page.
  • Login With your User id & Password.
  • Click settings button on the Top Right.
  • Click “Account Settings” Option.
  • Next Security Settings page will be opened.
  • Enable “Recognized Device” option.
  • This option will allow only you use facebook in computer.

Except this trick, we can have multiple security activities like Use Strong password, Logout properly, Mobile Number Verification, etc., for your facebook account secured.