Must have Blogger Widget         Designing a beautiful blog is a goal for every bloggers and website owner and maximum Bloggers wants to show their customized blog to every visitors with the help of blogger widgets which is available in the different categories. Blogger Widgets are comes with free of cost and it is the most helpful tools to make a awesome blog. By using blogger widgets you can get incredible benefits such as it gives attractive view, it helps to get repeated visitors, helps to increase more page views and also you are able to increase your earnings. But if you have used too many widgets in your blog then it will cause to increase the blog’s loading speed, if the loading time is increased then the traffic will be decreased automatically. So today we are read to talk about have to customize your blog with widgets. The Widgets may be used for Recent posts or Related posts or Sharing Social Buttons or Mail Subscription etc., 

Top 8 Widgets Every Blogs Must Have :

  • Email Subscription Widget :

        Email subscription is a widget which helps to send every article directly to the E-mail address of the readers. It is one of the helpful tool to increase the blog traffic, because if a blog has over 1000 email readers then surely it receives nearly 50 visitors for each and every articles. And the traffic which comes from the subscribers is called as repeated visitors and it plays a major role in the SEO.

  • Popular Posts :

     This widget helps to attract your visitors by way of displaying the most popular posts on the same blog. It helps to the users to know the best contents of a blog. you can choose number of posts in the popular post widget and you can place it to any place.

  • Related Posts :

      Related Posts widget used to show some related articles which relates to the currently reading article. By adding this widget you are able to increase the page view and decrease the bounce rate.

  • Featured Post Widget :

        It will helps to show latest and important posts from your blog in the home page of a page. But sometimes it did not works with the maximum templates so if this widget is works nicely for you, then my best wishes to you.

  • Facebook Like Box : 

         This widget helps to increase your blog’s popularity on the Facbook, because if anyone likes your Facebook fan page they will receive your every new post via Facebook. So it is possible to get some decent amount of referral traffic from Facebook.

  • Vote Buttons :

           This widget used to show how many votes are received by every blog posts in your blog. It may contains popular social buttons such as facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, etc., or some blogging community buttons. but it’s really hard to get votes, because when it comes to the blogging if you vote 5 blog posts of others then you will get 1 vote. So try to promote other’s articles and don’t promote your own articles.

  • Post Share Button :

           Post share button helps to the visitors to share your posts(if is they think it is more helpful) in their social networking profiles. it is also a one of the traffic source. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked in etc.,  Nowadays social networking shares are considered as one of the method to increase the seo power, so if you got more shares then not only get the referral traffic and also can get the traffic from the search engines.

  • Recent Comments : 

          Recent comments is a widget which is used to show the recent approved comments of a blog. The benefit of displaying this widget is that to show the popularity of a blog and encourage the other bloggers to drop more useful comments on our blog.