how to secure your computer, security tips     In the past 10 years Computer Users are increased by millions. 80 % of the school students are able to use the computer from home, more than 75 % of the working peoples are know to use the computer and 50 % of the people are have the basic computer knowledge.  But many of the PC users are did not take a care about the security and maintenance of the computer, and also they did not have the knowledge about it. This can lead to a big problem in the features. So today we talk about how to secured a computer. 

Top 8 Best Ideas for Your Computer Security : 


  • Use Quality Antivirus : 

     If you have a Quality Antivirus in your Computer you are more than 80 % secured from the Viruses.  Because antivirus are doing the great roll in the Protection of Computer. So use Premium Antivirus and Update regularly. 


  • Use Strong Passwords : 

     Always use strong and difficult password in your computer, this can help to your files secured.  Don’t use Your Informations (Name, Phone Number, date of birth) as a password.  


  • Use Genuine  Operating System :

     Every time use genuine and proper Operating system in your pc. Use which OS is gives more security options for Computers.


  • Disconnect the Internet :

     Please Disconnect the internet modem when the internet not in use.  If you connect the internet any time this can lead to loss your money and security of the computer.


  • Use Secured Web Browsers :

     Always use proper web browsers for your computer, because most virus and malwares are will come via the Browsers.  Every time clear the cache for your security. 


  • Avoid Unwanted E-mail Attachments :

     Don’t Open unwanted E-mail attachments and don’t click pop-up boxes.  because this can lead to come virus to your computer.


  • Don’t Visit Unwanted Websites : 

     Many websites in the internet are used to spared the virus.  So please don’t visit unwanted websites and please take care about the alert of the Antivirus. 


  • Scan the Secondary Device : 

     Scan the secondary device in every time for virus free. The secondary device means Pen-drive, Memory card, Mobile with USB, and etc. because pen drive is the no 1 device which can spread the virus.