facebook security tips     Facebook has a lot of useful information and lot of entertainment features.  But a recent research says Facebook is the no 1 website for wasting the peoples time and knowledge. More than 80 % of the Facebook users are use the Facebook for their entertainment, the remainder 20 % of the users use this site for their business requirements(that means business people use Facebook for promoting their products and services). The reasons behind wasting the time on Facebook is depends on several talks such as updating new status, playing games, installing new apps, searching & finding friends, chatting with friends, make like & comment on  other’s status and Photos, etc.  Here i am going to help those people who wants to reduce wasting time on FB, so if you are one of them then use the following tips and save your golden time.

Top 5 Tips for  Reduce Wasting Time on Facebook :

  • Ignore Unknown Friend requests :  

     This is the major mistake which has been doing by the maximum users on Facebook. Whenever we open our profile we have had minimum few friend requests, in that situation please accept friend requests which has come from your well known person. Because if you start to accept the unknown people then after the few months you will have a hundreds of unknown persons on your friends list, it may leads to certain problems like you may loss your personal data, your news feed will be covered with the unwanted status and images, etc,. So please ignore the “friend requests” from the unknown persons.  If you want to accept an unknown person, first go to their profile and know the all details about that profile, if you get satisfied details you can accept their request.

  •   Turn Off  the Chat :

     Chatting is an another features which plays a major role in wasting time on Fb, so always please “Turn Off” the chat option. Consider while you are browsing on Facebook your 10 number of friends are in online, then surely you will start a conversation with at-least 3 persons.  Finally you will waste minimum 1 hour, so that’s only i have said “Turn Off ” the chat and avoid to spend to much time.

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  • Avoid Games and Apps : 

     Playing Games and Apps are the most time killing platform on the Facebook, because it offers thousands of games and tons of useless applications for it’s users. As a user anyone can use any apps and play any games in anytime without paying anything, this is the major reason behind maximum people has addicted that games and also we get the lots of game requests and invites. Recently i have written an article about it – How to Stop/Block Candy Crush Request Notifications on Facebook. If you start to play a game on Facebook then it is possible to waste many hours, so avoid those games and apps and save your golden time.

  •  Add a ” Facebook Timer Counter ” :

If you want to reduce the time on browsing facebook, but you feel that you can’t ? then don’t worry there is a special feature is available in online. That is “Counter Timer”, Counter Timer is a free app provided by Facebook, which helps to calculate “how much time you have spent on a particular accasion on Facebook” and also you can set an alarm for a particular period. By using this feature you can reduce the time on Facebook browsing. 

  • Leave from the ” Unnecessary Fan Pages ” :

Now a days there are millions of Facebook Fan Pages are available in Facebook in different categories such as humor, cinema, sports, motivational, etc., A recent research says every Fb user have joined in minimum 10 pages. If you like more pages, you can get more updates then surely it will kill your time so leave from the unnecessary fan page can help you to save your time..

If you feel that you can’t save time on Facebook even after following the above tips then Delete your Facebook Account Completely, this is major solution for the time killing.