how to take a screenshot of a webpageIn these days computer and internet are one of the most important needs for everyone. Many Internet users wants to take a screenshot of a page in the internet, even sometimes it is a needed on for the normal computer user also. But the maximum people did not know that how to take a screenshot.  for Example : if a person see a beautiful page/useful page in the internet, and they want to show the page to his friend or someone through the internet.  Then he can send the “URL” of the page, but this is not a proper way because the links may broken in many seasons and also maximum links did not works.  In that situation screenshot is the best solution for solving this problem. There are certain ways are available for take screenshots but it is the simple way for copying any screen in computer in just two seconds. 

How to Take a Screenshot :

 First go to a Web page or Computer screen which page you wants to take screenshot. Now Click the “Print Screen SysRq” button which is located on keyboard, now the page has Copied. Next Open MS Paint Application and Click Paste option.

screenshot a computer screen


Now the Screenshot will be copied, so save the file in .jpeg format now you can use the Image in any where. 

Benefits of Screenshots:

Video editing:

If you have a long video clip and you want to cut a single scene on that video and one more thing you don’t have any video editing software such as windows movie maker, video editing pro. In that case it is really hard to cut a scene without the help of any applications. But you are able to cut an image using this screenshot method, yes first open the video and pass on that scene which you wants to cut, now take the screenshot and past it on the MS paint.

Capture a Particular Part:

Whether your are on computer or internet, if you wants to show a particular part in a large file or page to someone then you needs to take this screenshot idea. for example, if you are reading an important document which offers from your higher officials and you needs to highlight a particular part on that file. Then you can take screenshot on a particular place or words. 

Highlighting the Errors:

Suppose if you are a software developer whose working to writing a large number of coding languages in computer. Assume you got a big error message and you con’t to solve it, your manger can fix it but how can you send the particular error coding to him. If you send the total file to him it is little bit hard to find the correct error quickly, so take the benefit of the screenshot option. And send the error to your manager to solve the problem.

Capture the Highest Scores:

Playing video games are one of the time wasting habit because you con’t able to learn anything on the maximum games except some games. But the maximum computer users are addict the video games both online and off-line, now comes to the matter. Think if you are playing a video game and got highest score or unlock a new level, in that situation if you wants to show the score card to your friends. The print screen option is the most helpful tool to capture that wonderful moment, after take the screenshot you are able to share the image with anybody.