how to monitor sites traffic   Traffic…. Traffic…  Ya it is the Boost up word for every bloggers, because Traffic is the Main Income Factor for every blogs.  Most bloggers are spend more time for get traffic in various ways but many of them did not know their original traffic.  Blogspot are easy to monitor the traffic ( Click ststs option for traffic ) but WordPress sites did not have the option.  So we have a solution for this problem.  Yes a website name called gives the opportunity for monitor our site/blogs traffic in easy way.  Ok now let see how to Connect this site.

How to Monitor Traffic Stats of Your Websites :

First go to the Website. Click “Register” for creating a new account.  Then fill the form for new account.  After completing the new account process click “add a website”.

track your blog traffic with histats


Give your sites URL and other details for creating a track code.  Now a stats account was created for your blog.  Next click the “Counter CODE” option in top right.  and click “add a counter code” for creating a animated Visitors Widget.  Next click the counter code option for get your java script.


animated visitors widget for bloggers


Blogger :

    Now copy the JavaScript and open  your Blog’s Profile => Layout. Click add a gadget, a pop up will be opened.  Click “HTML/JavaScript” and past the coding in this widget.  Now moves the widgets wherever you want  in your blog. Now you can track your blog’s traffic stats in histats.


WordPress :

    As same as copy the JavaScript code and go to your WordPress Admin Page, then go the widgets area and click “Text” widget and paste the coding then fit the widget box wherever you want.