online data entry jobs without investment

     There are many kinds of online jobs are available, but here I am going to share more details about a particular job one among them. That is ‘Data Entry Job’.  Data entry is the act of entering information into electronic formats by using word processing or data processing software hosted on a computer and it’s data entry operators who perform these tasks. In truth, though “data entry” sounds technical, you can get many of these jobs with no previous experience.  Guys, there are various types of data entry jobs and also many fraudulent company sites are there to cheat people. Many of you may come across this situation, paying before working. Yes the people who wish to join in online job are asked to invest a small amount. That is called as registration fee. Once you pay them by becoming a member, they will not respond you. Here only people are getting cheated by many of the companies.

How to Make Money With Online Data Entry Jobs:

Keep in mind before starting 

  • Don’t pay any cost for your work. If they ask, just ignore that company and search some other.
  • Surf in Google about the company. See the company profile whether it is a reputed company or not.

Types and its works:

1. Basic typing:

This job is simple all you have to do is typing. You need good typing skill. (speed-30 words per minute). you have to type the given documents into excel sheet or word document.

2. Copy and Paste:

If you are good in English, this would be a very easiest job for you. Because, you can easily understand & manage this job. You are simply going to Copy certain content from a word or excel file and paste it on some other word or excel file.

3. Form filling:

Here they will provide online forms and large data separately. You have to check each and every field carefully. Now, as per the form data, you have to enter the value in each and every field. Once all the data filled up in the form, then you need to submit the data online. It takes few minutes to complete one form.  You can earn $10 to $50 per form. Bit common sense is needed to understand and fill the tables completely.

4. Captcha Entry:

Captcha is an image with some character which only a human can read & solve. Captcha plays major role in internet, whatever in internet like form submitting or new registration, bank transaction everything contains this captcha test. Captchas are for identifying whether you are a human or a robot. There are many companies who want to solve these images for creating account on different sites or accessing websites. You can earn $1 by solving 1000 captchas.

5. Medical coding

Very tough job, but highly paid online job comparing others. Because high accuracy in your work is needed. Here you have to write codes of various products and these products are medicine of different kinds. Also, you must be careful while entering those medical codes and you need some experience to do this job.

6. Image to Text

Here the work is converting given image into text. Image contained text materials will be provided, you have to write the text in word document.

7. Filling Survey Forms

In this job you have to collect feedback from the customers about the new product which launched. All the top companies want to know the feedback of the customers before they launch or upgrade to any new product. So you have to do market research by joining market research firms, i.e., online sites. Then you have to fill the online survey forms.


Guys after reading this if you got the idea to do online job, please be aware of selecting the correct concern.  As I said before, Many fake online job sites are there, so you have to be aware about the scams, trusted sites only preferable for online jobs.

And one more thing, at very first starting you cannot earn big amount in any online job, but your hard work and dedication will gradually increase your income. These are some types of data entry job still more types are there. But these are very easy and familiar one. So prefer what suits you. All the best!