how to know website alexa rankHai Friends we have already discussed about ( How to Create a free Blog and Make Money in just 5 Minutes ).  Now we are going to talk about how to know/check the traffic rank of our blog or website. Every new bloggers are wants to check their new blogs traffic rank daily there is no other Opinion for this, i am also done like this in my early days of blogging. It is a general feeling among the ll bloggers so don’t worry about it. Ok now comes to the point Alexa is a site which provides a global rank for every blogs and websites in the internet.  For wants to check a Alexa rank of a blog then first go to the site, then Insert the URL of a Blog which you wants to know the rank status now it will given the result.  But this method is considered as waste of time, so i am going to give an easy way to know the Alexa Rank easy & quickly. For using this Method you must needs to have a Google Chrome Web Browser.  


How to know website’s Alexa rank Easy :

Now you may got a doubt about that why i need google chrome. I am supposed to clear all your doubts. Chrome browser helps to check the stats by way of adding the extension. There are lots of extensions are available for checking the alexa rank, but i suggest an very useful extension which offers from the Alexa website directly, yes it is an official extension. For installing the official plugin first go to the Settings option in the Top Right of the Chrome Browser.  then Click ” Extensions ” Option.  type ” Alexa Traffic Rank ” in Search box. 


how to add alexa traffic rank extension in google chrome

 Find the official extension and Click “Add to Chrome” for add this extension.  Tick enabled option.  and also click select ”  ” for use this extension in incognito Window.  By using this Alexa extension you are able to check the Alexa rank, Google Page Rank and SEO Status of any blogs within few seconds. 

Benefits of using alexa rank extension:

Improvement in Alexa Ranking:

Yes as a blogger we all know the alexa rank and it’s important such as it shows the most activating blogs with higher rank, quality content blogs with higher rank. and alexa rank is the first important thing for all the advertising networks on internet. But we don’t know that how to improve the alexa ranking of a blog. Installing alexa tool in your computer is the major benefit to increase the status in ranking, so first install the tool when you start the blogging career and also suggest to your friends to use this tool.

Check Ranking status quickly: 

The traditional method for checking a alexa rank, seo status for a blog (whether it is yours or not) is go to the site directly and check the status using the search box. But is the time wasting method, and it’s hard when we want to know the status of many blogs at the same time. So in that time it is really helpful method to check the status and it provides the complete details about a ranking.

Multiple purpose:

This widget is not only used to check the alexa global rank status and also it helps to check the alexa country rank(that means how popular your blog in your country), sites linking in(total number of backlinks) and the details about the site loading time, etc., so you can get the multiple usage in a single widget.