youtube videos     YouTube is the No 1 Video entertainment website, because  it allows to the users to upload videos, watching videos, like and share videos in the social networkings sites, and also add the videos in Blogs and Websites ( How to add videos in Blogs & Websites ).  If you want to Upload Videos in the YouTube you must have an E-mail account in the G-mail ( Google product ).  So in this post we talk about how to create YouTube account in just 5 minutes.

How to Create  a new YouTube Account :


  • Step : 1

     Go to the YouTube Home page.  Click “Sign in” option.  Next click “Create an Account”. 

how to create a new youtube account


  • Step :2

     Fill the Form with full needed details.  Use your gmail account for your new YouTube account.  give Difficult password ( Gmail and YouTube passwords are may be different ).  Put your mobile number and Captcha code. click agree and click “Next Step” button. 


  • Step : 3

     Now your youtube account was created.  Now you can watch, like, subscribe videos from others Channels, but you cannot upload  videos before creating your own channel. Click the “My Channel” option from the top right. 

youtube channel

  • Step : 4

     Now Click ” To use a business or other name  ” next a small box will be open, then create a new name for your youtube channel.


new youtube channel

Now your YouTube Channel was created so You can upload videos and enjoy the YouTube.