protectToday maximum numbers of internet users are having E-Mail  ( Electronic Mail ) account,  and many of them preferred Gmail which is owned by the internet monster Google.  Gmail is the leading mail provider in the internet and also it is must needed for activate any other Google product. The fastest service and some extraordinary options are allows to stay Gmail is the No.1 Mail Provider.  But Recently many Gmail users are lost their unprotected account for their innocent actions.  Through this post we are going to discussing about how to protect your Gmail account. you can try all the ideas in the below article for securing your account. ok lets take some points.

Top 10 Ways To Protect (Secure) Your Gmail Account : 

1.  Strong Password : 

     Always use Strong Password in your Gmail account it helps to secure your account.  The strong password is which contains letters & Special characters & Numbers(all in one password). Don’t use your Personal Informations ( Name, Age, Date of birth) in password, because it can be tracked by anyone in the future and you must try to change your account’s password monthly ones. Don’t Send your password to anyone and also did not Insert your Password in any place in any links in mail.  Don’t use your Gmail password in any other Sites.

2.  Sign Out Every Time : 

        Remember to Sign out your Gmail account in every time after use.  if you did not sign out the account it could be misused by anyone so signout properly and also don’t forgot to sign out while using gmail outside from the home.

3.  Beware of Attached Mails : 

    Don’t open mails which has received from unexpected persons and also beware of open the Mails with attachment because it would contains with virus. Now a days there are lots of advertising mails are comes to every gmail account. If you open these types of mails with virus surely it will affect your account.

4.  Beware of Sending your Personal Information : 

           Don’t send your personal information to anyone through Gmail Because if you send your full personal details it would be Monitor by anyone. Because every day there are thousands of personal details of users are stolen by the hackers.

5.  Use Google Chrome Browser : 

          Use Google Chrome Browser instead of using other browsers in anywhere, because it contains a special feature called “incognito window”, it did not record any information while you are browsing. So you are able to use your mailing account safely. 

6.  2 Step Verification :

            It is one of the Best Security option from Gmail  in this type of verification we need to give our Mobile number.  After inserting your mobile number you receives a secret code from Gmail to your mobile shortly. Next we need to insert the code in Gmail security option.  Now your gmail Account is Safe, if anyone misused your account Gmail will send a alert message to your Mobile Number, then you can take the further action fr saving your account.

7.  Always Enable HTTPS :

      Always Enables HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ) option in Gmail => General Settings => Browser Connection.  It Secures our Account Much More.

8. Don’t use your account in outside:

    Always use your Gmail account in a single place and try to avoid to use account in other places. for example if you use your home computer for access a gmail account regularly, then don’t access it on outside like public library, net cafe, other people’s home, etc., but if it necessary for the time then use it for few times.