top 10 uses of youtube            Everybody knows YouTube is the Monster videos website in the internet.  It contains trillions and trillions of videos which is uploaded by it’s users.  for the revolution of YouTube users are uploading 4 hours videos in every seconds, it shows YouTube reach in every platform in the internet.  There are more video websites are available in the internet so it’s like stars in the sky but YouTube is the moon of the sky.  The most reason of the popularity of the YouTube is Speed up buffering of videos. Now a days anything can possible with youtube example watching games, movies, songs, magic, tricks, tutorials, make up tips, health tips, live videos, celebrity videos. etc., 

Top 10 Unbelievable Uses of Youtube : 

1.  More Entertainment : 

            Us we know  YouTube is biggest entertainment website in the world.  because it billion and billions of videos in every category. you can search any kind of entertainment videos.  if you enter into the YouTube you did not get out from it. it contains all kind of movies in all languages, all film songs, all music album videos, programmes of celebrities, TV. Programmes, popular persons life history, best inventions etc.,

2.   Way to Earn Money : 

             YouTube is one of the easiest & best monetizing Programme in the internet. It allows to the users to uploading videos. People can make more money who upload original and real videos.  because the YouTube did not give money for the copyrights videos.

3.  Platform to Learning Anything  : 

              It is the amazing platform to learn anything in the internet from anywhere, any time.  for example if you want to learn Some computer language YouTube fulfil it.  It is used to know from cooking preparation to the making of Robot.  It plays more than a experienced teacher.

4.  The Ultimate Traffic Source :

               YouTube is the biggest and Ultimate Traffic source for blogger’s who maintaining the blogs and websites.  Every day it sends tons of tons traffic to many sites.  and also it is the easiest way to get more traffic but it needs some video marketing secrets.

5.  Download Videos : 

               YouTube is also used for downloading millions of videos in every day around the world.  Because it is easy to search and download our favourite  videos.  There are many websites in the internet is helps to download the YouTube videos.

6.   Use the Videos To Blogs : 

              YouTube is the every bloggers choice for using any videos to blogs and websites.  It is very easy to get embedded Codes and put the code in blogs, and also it is supported to all kind of platforms.  

7.  Advertising :  

               Many small and Large companies are used the YouTube for their advertising.  Because it is free of cost for advertising.  for example if you have a web designing company you upload the Related Tutorials with Their links.

8.  Create a Friends Circle : 

                It is also like a one of the social bookmarking site.  It allows to like, share and put comment any videos. It is the platform to create a large friends circle.

9.  Help to develop knowledge :

               YouTube help to develop our Knowledge by updation of latest video informations. for Example if a gadget was released today morning 10 am after the 1 hour Tons of Tons videos was uploaded by users.

10.  To Bring Out Your Talent : 

                  YouTube is the one of the biggest platform to bring out your Talent.  If you are a great painter you can upload more videos about your painting.  After the uploading you are very popular in quickly.