android maintenance tips & tricksIn these days biggest dreams of the maximum mobiles users are to buy a good Android Smartphone not only the mobile users and also the people who has without mobile. Most recently the number of Android Mobile users are increased significantly.  But the life of an Android mobile is not better than the ordinary mobile phones, it the undeniable one. This problem is depends upon the maintenance of the android mobiles by its users. Over 50 percent of the Android mobile users are did not maintain their mobiles properly.  Because many of them did not have the knowledge about “how to maintain Android Mobiles Phones Properly”.  So in this article we are going to talk about How to improve & increase Android mobile phones life.

How to Improve Android Mobile Phone’s Life :

1.  Keep Away From Water :

                As we know water and some other type of liquid things are the number one enemy for all the Electronic devices.  So please always keep away your Android mobiles from water and other Liquids. If your mobile is affected by water it will be a huge loss for you, in that case first remove the back door, battery, SIM card & memory card simultaneously. Now keep the handset where the air flows.

2.  Avoid Unnecessary Apps :  

                 Due to the millions of android applications the number of android users are increased. Thousand of Android Apps are available in different types of categories on the internet. As a android user always you should use minimum number of apps and important apps which has really helpful to you, and please try to avoid unnecessary apps.

3.  Turn off Vibration Mode :

                Please turn off the vibration mode for all notifications in your android device. Really it will helps to increase the battery’s life as well as Mobile’s life. 

4.  Uninstall Unnecessary Apps : 

                If you have nearly 20 applications in your android mobile, then please don’t install any other apps furtherly.  So uninstall the all unnecessary apps for getting long life for the battery of your device. and also it will help to increase the working speed of the mobile. 

5.  Use Trusted Antivirus for :

              When it comes to the safety of a mobile device, over 80% of the work is depends on the Antivirus, so always use proper and trusted Antivirus software for your android mobiles phones.  Because it will help to give full security protection to your mobile when you connect your mobile with other devices or when you using the internet.  There are thousands of free security software are available in online but don’t use free Antivirus software.

6.  Update Apps and Games :

            Update all the applications and games properly and regularly because it will be affect your phone’s speed and performance. 

7.  Charge Battery Properly :

             This is the most common problem which is every android users are made, maximum people did not charge the mobile properly.  The proper way of charging is when the batter loss it’s 75 % of power. 

8.  Turn off  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth : 

             Keep Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options when not in use.  When these options are runs for a long time it may decrease your batteries life and also a security problem to your mobile.  Because if your Bluetooth is Turn on for a Long time it give a Chance to stealing your data.

9.   Browse Safely : 

            There are many websites in the online are spreading the Virus to Computer and Mobile Devices.  so Always browse safely. Do not click the unnecessary links in the internet and email.

10.  Give Some Rest ( Turn Off ) :

              Don’t use Your Android Mobile Continuously for a long time, and please turn off when the mobile is not in use.  it is the main reason for the Android mobile’s life. Many mobiles are lost his life soon because of the restless of working.