make money for sending sms Now a days “Make Money from Online” is the most searchable Word in the internet.  Because every one ( internet users ) wants to earn money in internet without investment in their free time.  But it is not easy, because many people are cheated by several websites and several online companies.  Many cheated websites are receiving works or projects from peoples but did not paid them anything.  And one more thing many websites paids money to his customers lately ( if you paid by them in this month you will received it in next month ). So  i give a way for this problem.  This is the easy work, and it takes for some time.

          The actual work is earning money for sending free SMS finally you can get the money as a free mobile recharge.  It’s Possible ? Yes it is Possible, a popular website is giving this opportunity for its customers.   Name of the site is , which provides free online mobile recharge for sending SMS. There are lots of free online talk-time providing sites are available in the online like amulyam, way2sms. But in my experience ultoo is the best site because it pays lots of amount as a free recharge for me. and also the payments are handled by ultoo is very prompt, so that’s only i always suggest this site for my friends now for you.

How To Start : 

  • First go to the Google search and type then Visit the Site.
  • Create a New Account ( Sign up ) – it will takes less than a minute time.
  • Now you are a member of this site.


What is the Work : 

  • You can send free SMS to anyone in this website.  If you send one SMS you will get some amount in your account.
  • In a single day you can send 50 SMS.  This is the maximum limit.
  • They allowed to Create Contacts list in your account.
  • They did not allow to send spam Messages.  Spam means Single sms is send to Multi Numbers ( or ) Many messages send to the same Number, so please omit it.


Referral Programme : 

  • This is the Greatest opportunity for earn more money.  If any person join in this site via your referral you will get some amount. 


How to Refer : 

  • They Give a Referral Link code ( Unique link ) for every users,  you can put the code in your facebook status, blogs, websites, google plus and twitter status, etc., so referrer more earn more.

How to get Money : 

  • They did not give a direct money for you. but once your account will reach more than 10 Rs. you can Recharge the amount in your mobile phone.  You can recharge to any mobile operator ( Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Docomo, Etc., ).
  • The recharge amount is 10, 20, 30, 50. in a single day maximum recharge limit is 50 rupees.

So go to the site and open a new account and earn money and get free recharge.  Click here for join 

earn money and get free recharge

Tips to Earn more Money:

  • If you have a sound profile in facebook, then create a new page the page may be about anything that’s not a matter. try to get more likes for that page using your voice in fb.  once that page has reached many people (minimum 1000 likes) then you can start to earn by inserting the ultoo referral code in that page regularly. It is the one of the secret behind the most earners in online one of my friend has followed this for a long time. so you can try it.
  • Another idea is create a new blog and write some articles about the money making. when it receives the certain number of traffic then insert your referral code with the banner ad. now you are able to earn money money easily.