youtube videosEveryone knows that YouTube is the biggest Video sharing Website and an amazing entertainment site in the Internet. It has Millions and Millions of Videos which is uploaded by it’s Users.  So we can watch any video in any languages in any time and any place. Many people spends many hours in the internet for Watching videos in the YouTube, but they did not have a patient to watch ads which has been displaying by the YouTube between the videos. They generally displays two kind of ads. 1. Overlay in-video ads – It have two ad units, first one is right side top and another one is below the video. We can skip these types of ads easily.  2. TrueView in-stream ads – this type of ads can take 20 to 30 seconds which plays before the YouTube videos.  The major problem is that we did not skip this ads easily but there is an idea available for solving this problem.

How to Block Ads (Advertisement) on YouTube Videos:

How to Skip YouTube Ads on Chrome : 

Are you a user who use Google Chrome web Browser in your computer then you can get a chance to skip ads in YouTube videos.  Yes Google Chrome offers lots of Extensions which helps to skip and Block ads in YouTube Videos.  It’s Free of cost and very useful for everyone. Compared with the other browsers Google chrome helps the users to use the plugins (which is called as extensions)is a very simple manner. If you want to use any kind of extensions in chrome then first open your chrome browser and click the tools logo(which is located the top right corner of the browser) now a drop-down box will be open and select the settings option. It will be open in the new tab choose the extension option, here you can find all of the extensions which has been using by you. Now click “get more extensions” then select a plugin. now i am going to suggest a useful extension for block the ads, it is “Adblock for Youtube” download the extension here and enjoy to watch YouTube Videos without the Disturbance of Ads. But mind it this plugin will restrict only the Youtube adds not other website’s adds.

Skip, Block Ads on YouTube Videos

How to Skip YouTube Ads on Firefox:

When it comes to the plugins in Firefox web browser, it is called as Add-on. Compared with the Google chrome it is little bit hard to use the plugins in firefox, because it takes some time and it needs some different steps of work. Now here also we are going to use the same Adblock plugin for this browser, even they also provides thousands of free add-ons for the same purpose. It is one of the best add-on among the all plugins so that’s only millions of users has been choosing this product for their general and official purpose. And the major advantage of this plugin is that it helps to block all kind of ads in maximum websites(facebook, yahoo,etc.,) not only the Youtube.

Skip YouTube Ads on Firefox.

First go to the above link and download the add-on in your computer, now open the file it will give a notification automatically. By accepting the notification you are able to activate the add-on for your browser.

How to Skip YouTube Ads on Internet Explorer:

 Once upon a time Internet Explorer is the leading web browser in the world after the arrivals of some advanced browsers like chrome, Firefox, it gets down. But even today also it has millions of users in worldwide and it also has lots of add-ons in many category so you can find a suitable one for you to block the yYouTubeadvertisements and such ads.