lost mobile phones             Have your mobile phone stolen? Or Missing by your careless Mistake ?. Don’t Worry There is a way to get it back. Every mobile phone have a separate identify Number ( IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identify). If you already know about IMEI Number, then it is possible to recover your mobile. But you did not know so far kindly note the following function. Dial * # 06 # on mobile phone and press Enter. Now you are getting the result with 15-digit number, This is the ID number of your mobile phone so save it properly. Now, if your mobile phone was lost then write an e-mail letter and send it to Police for requesting to recover the phone.


        This is the address to send the complaint mail ( cop@vsnl.net ) and you need to provide the following information with that mail. Name, address, phone model, produced corporate name, last dialled number, contact your e-mail address, Missing date and identification number of the mobile phone. Police Capable of combining a strong network and Internet. In the event that the mobile phone used, its location, the use of learning activities are will be traced by the police. and also they inform to you so you are able to recover it.


Some other ways to find a mobile:

Make a Call:
After you missed your mobile, it may be lost or stolen by anyone. So first find out what happens to your device. Now make a call from your another mobile(if you have) or your friend’s mobile to your mobile which is lost earlier, you can take some further actions by depending on the reply from the opponent side.

  •  While calling your number, if you got the reply that the mobile was switched off there are two reasons are behind the issue. 1. It may be damaged while dropping, in that case you can find it by searching the places wherever you are going before missed the mobile. So try to form a team of friends and search the mobile it may be help.
  • Suppose if it is ringing it is the most possible signal to find a mobile by the sound. Because you may be forgot the place where you kept the mobile. or one your friend may dropped the phone in her bag, packets mistakenly. In that situation you are able to find it by hearing the ringtone. But if it is on silent mode, it is really hard to find the handset. So whenever you need to go away from your home then always try to put in the ringtone mode, don’t put silent or vibration mode.

But when it is confirm that the mobile was stolen by somebody then you can easily recover it by the following ways.


Announce a Reward:

  • When you make a call from another mobile, if any person attend the call then congratulate yourself and try to explain your situation that you are suffering from that the mobile issue. If that person in the opponent side has agreed to handover the mobile to you, said about the place where you can get it. But the person did not ready to give the mobile, then offer a reward for them like “pls give me my mobile because it has lots of important contacts & messages, i will give some amount for you”. Due to this offer it has to change to recover it.
  •  But if the person did not respect your offer and your next phone calls, then send certain brief messages to them. The message should be about your situation and the offer which is offered for them.


Nowadays there are thousands of free mobile applications are available for smartphones in online. Your device may be android, windows, ios, blackberry, etc., whatever it is, it’s not a matter. The apps for available for the all popular platforms so try to protect your mobile from stolen by using these free apps.