how to create a new gmail accountWe all know that Gmail is a world’s number 1 free mail service which is owned by Google. It was launched in 1st April 2004 but it has available to the ordinary internet users on 7th February 2007 onward. Now Gmail is available in over 57 Languages in worldwide and it have more than 430 million active users.  It is the one of the fastest mail service and also provide some additional features like Spam filter ( It filters spam mails automatically), it gives 10 GB Free User Storage for every Users ( this is higher than other free mail services),  Now we can use gmail in our all mobile devices and also it can be use in offline mode. if you have a Gmail account, you are able to use all the Google products such as YouTube, Blogger, orkut, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Gtalk, Google Docs, Google Webmaster, and so on. with a single ID & Password.  Ok let’s see how to get create an account in Gmail.

How to Create a New Gmail Account :

Step : 1

          Go to the website.  Now Click “Create An Account” Option on the Right Top of the Page. 

Create new gmail account

Step : 2

           Next Fill the Form for Create a new account.

  •  Name : Give first Name & Last Name.
  • Username :  It is your gmail address.  you can use letter and number ( you con not use symbols ).
  • Create a Password :  Choose a strongest Password ( you can use Number, Letters, Symbols).
  • Confirm your Password :  Retype your Password.
  • Update – Birth date & Gender.
  • Mobile Phone : Insert your mobile phone for Security purpose.
  • Email Address :  Insert a alternative email address.
  • Insert “CAPTCHA” for Security reason.
  • Choose your Location.
  • Agree the Terms and Conditions
  • Click “Next Step”.


Step : 3

         Add photo in Your Profile by Click “Add Profile Photo”.  


Create new gmail account

Next Click “Get Started”, then now your new Gmail Account will be Created.  Now you can Enjoy the all benefits given by Gmail. 

Benefits of Using Gmail:

It’s completely free:

This is the major reason for that why millions of the internet users are have been choosing gmail for their online purpose. Among the all free mail service providers gmail is the most trusted service so that’s only gmail is the first choice for the maximum people.

10 GB free memory :

Gmail allows users to share the lots of information in a single account. the maximum free memory level is 10 gb. This is the maximum limit on the internet which is compared with the other free mail service providers. As a user you can send maximum 2GB file in a single mail to anyone.

Easy user interface:

This is the another important reason for using gmail, yes it has a easy user interface. So anyone can manage a gmail account with a small level of computer knowledge, even a school kid can operate an account without any problem. Among the all free and premium mail services in online gmail has the most simple user interface. 

Ultimate Features:

Gmail comes with the huge number of the ultimate features such as search box, trash(where you can get the deleted mails), chatting, spam fillter(it helps to filter the spam mail separately), contacts list, etc., and gmail is the way to use maximum of the google products. yes If you have a gmail account you are able to use other useful products from the google such as blogger, youtube, analytics, adsense, feed burner, google plus, google drive, bookmarks, picasa web album, etc., so these are the ultimate features from the google. and gmail is the one of the fastest mail service in online.