E-commerce   Hi friends.  Once again we are going to talk about how to make money with blogs which is we have already discussed before ( How to Create a free Blog and Make Money in just 5 Minutes Part – 1 ).  Now get ready for the reminder post.  Now thinks if you have a blog with decent quantity of posts and it receives descend level of traffic. If you want start to make money with your blog then your needs to have huge traffic, because all the advertising programmes and companies are requiring much more traffic. So traffic is the most important key for make money from blogging.  So try to give a full effort for getting more traffic. That’s not a big matter because if you updates your blog frequently you will get an awesome traffic in few months. Ok after getting a good traffic in a blog then how to start to earn money? don’t worry i am going to guide you.

How to Earn Money with Blogs:

Google Adsense : 

         It is one of the best online product from Google and also it is the biggest monetizing programme in the internet.  But nowadays it’s not easy to crate a new account in Google Adsense.  Because they did not ready to approve all the new account, they approve an account who have run a blog or website more than a 6 months old. and that blog should have more than 100 quality contents. Now i am able to hear your mind voice”how hard is this?” But if you got a new Adsense account your earnings will be unbelievable and your life style will be changed, because it is the high paid earning programme among the all advertising programs. 

How to Apply for Google Adsense : 

           Go to your Blogger account and Click “Earnings” option in the left side.  


how to apply for google adsense

Click “Sign up for Adsense” option.  next click “Yes proceed to Google Adsense sign in” option for creating adsense account in the same E-mail id.  Next Step : Put your Password.  Now fill the form with your details in Google Adsense.  You must insert your full Name and Address and your Bank account No. and finally click ok button.  Now you must wait for the reply from adsense programme, it may take few days.  If your account will be approved you will be a one of the Publisher of google adsense and a chance to earn money with your blogs.

Benefits of using Google Adsense:

Easy to Use:

Yes it is very simple to use and there is any other technical skills are not required. So that’s only Google adsense is the first choice for the bloggers in online.

No sales required:

Absolutely while using adsense you did not need to sale anything, you just insert the adsense ad codes in your blog. Adsense will pay considerable amount to you which is depends on your blog’s traffic.

High paying CPM ad network:

There are lots of advertising programs are available in online for the bloggers, among the all networks Google adsense is the high paying CPM(Cost Per Miles) providing network. By using adsense for your blog you are able to earn unassuming money.

It’s free:

This is one of the major advantage of using Google adsense. As a user you can use adsense without paying anything. But in these days it’s really hard to gets the approval from the adsense team. There are two ways are available for getting adsense approval, first one is apply with your blogger blog. Another one is apply with your youtube channel. 

Guarantee payment:

Adsense is one of the product of the Google so it is one of the trustful program for earn money. And your payment will be delivered promptly.