E-commerce     Today we talk about “how to create blog for make money”.  First you must know about “Blog”.  Blog is a one kind of online personal journal presented by Blogger owned by a Google.  Everybody can create a blog with free of cost.  The first thing is create a blog for any purpose next write  posts about anything  ( Except some things – from Google Guidelines ). Next earn money via some online Advertising Programmes.   Blogging is the hobby for many peoples and it is the part time income source for some peoples.  But this is the ultimate way to earn huge money from online.  It is the simple work but if you have a great knowledge in writing you will become a huge money maker in the internet.  Ok lets we go. 

How to Create a free Blog :  

Before creating a blog you must have a Gmail Account. First Go to the
Blogger.com Website.  Sign in Using Your Gamil Id and Password.  Click new Blog Option.  Now a pop up window will be opened.

how to create a blog for free


             Title : Give a Title for your Blog.  if your blog is about technology, you can give the tittle like “Latest Technology Informations”.  You can be change the title any time.  Next Address, this is the URL of you blog.  if you Create a blog with the name of “healthtips-raju”, it will look like this “healthtips-raju.blogspot..com”. The address will not be Changeable in the future, so be careful give a address what you want ( address is related to the blog content is valuable ).  Put a address check availability, if it is available you can create it by click – Create Blog option ( Choose any template ).   Now you have create your own blog but you did not have written any post ( collection of content ). So click “Start Blogging” Option.

how to make money with blog


Now Create a post about some interesting things.  Put a proper title on the Top and Write a post with minimum 3 paragraphs.  You can edit the Text with the Tools Above.   and also you can insert Pictures and Videos ( How to Add YouTube Videos in Blogspot (Blogger) ) then click publish option for publish your post.  now you can view your post in your blog.  

How to Make Money With Blogs: 

You Create a blog now, but you must wait for few months.  Because The reason for making money is – Your blog must contain some great posts ( above 100 ) at the same time you should get some decent traffic ( traffic means visitors of your blog ).  After the Growth of your blog (posts + traffic ) you can earn money with Google adsense and other earning programmes.  Remainder Concept we will discuss in the next post.