facebook security tips  Everybody knows that Facebook is the No. 1 Social Networking Website in the world now.  Facebook helps to connect million and millions of peoples around the world.  The popularity of the Facebook is it contains various features which is more than other social networking sites.  Facebook gives more entertainment and also it is one of the helpful tool to boost our business in online. Yes they gives the option called “Fan Page”.  It is not only made for business people but many of them used for business and entertainment purpose. The fan page helps to promote our business and also give some traffic to blogs and websites.  Many of them have a fan page but many peoples did not know “how to change the name of a fan page” and “how to change the url of a fan page”.  Through this post i have listed some tips for changing the name & address of the Facebook fan page.

How to Change the Name of Fan Page : 

It is easy to change the name of fan page when the page contains less than 200 likes.  But if a page has more than 200 likes we cannot do anything, Because Facebook cannot accept it. k if your page is less than 200 likes then we go change it.

  • First Login in your Facebook account. 
  • Go to your Fan Page.
  • Click Edit Page option ( Right top of the page ).
  • Select Update Public Info option.
  • Change the Name in the Name Box what do you want.
  • Now Select Save Changes Button for Save.

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How to Change the Address ( URL ) of Fan Page : 

            Facebook allows to change the Page Name in any time but they give a opportunity for change the url in a single time.  it means once you change the address of the pages you haven’t change it again in future.  so be careful of it.

  • Go to the Fan Page.
  •  Click Edit Page option ( Right top of the page ).
  • Select Update Public Info option.
  • Select Change username option.
  • Enter new username and Click Check Availability option.
  • If your new username is available click the Confirm option.
  • Now you get a new Address of your Fan Page.


Why you want to change name of a fb fan page :

Nowadays it is really hard to get the attention of a audience in the facebook through a fanpage, because there are thousands and thousands of pages are already created and has been maintaining by the users of facebook. Not only a particular or a popular category, even a worthless category also has a huge number of pages in worldwide. So it is not possible to get more likes in a short period of time in honesty ways. That means you can get large number of likes for a page by way of advertising, paid likes, etc., Think if a page gets over 200 likes in a honesty way then it is worth-able or not. in such case the admin of a page don’t want to runs a page and wants to create a new page for him new blog or any other online business or entertainment purpose. So this is the major situation for that the people wants to change the name of a Facebook fan page. As far as i am concerned it is not a wrong way, because it did not break the rules of facebook terms and condition. Maximum number of people thinks “if i have changed the new name instead of old name in the old fan page, it is very helpful for me” and also they can promote their business and other activities.