top 10 uses of youtube    Generally when it comes to the blogging, many bloggers are concentrate only the pure content and they did not ready to insert any pictures and videos in their blog post. There are many reasons are their between this problem. first one is they think “it will did not help our blog’s rank and quality” and another one is they did not know “how to add or insert videos between the blog posts”.  If you are using many pictures in your post you will be attend the copyrights problem in the future. but there is no problem for inserting videos, especially YouTube videos. In this tutorial we are going to talk about “how to add or insert YouTube Videos in your blogger Blog”.  This is very simple and very useful guide for every bloggers who wants to add videos between their content.  

How to Add YouTube Videos in Blogspot :

First Go to the YouTube Website and search a video which one you want to insert in your post.  Now choose a video and play it.  Click share option at the bottom of the video.

youtube videos to bloggers latest

Next click Embed option below the share button, now it will shows the embed code.

embeded youtube videos

Now Copy the Full Embed code as shown in the image above.  you can change the size of the video in the Video size option. Next go to and login with your account details and click a new post.  Now insert the embed code in the HTML page and see the result in the compose page.  Now you can able to add any YouTube video in your Blog.

Benefits of using Youtube videos in blog posts:

  • In these days Google is very strict in the aspect of SEO, the actual requirement of every blog post is nearly 500 world. But as a blogger i say it is really hard to write each and every article around 500 words. So in that case we can show our low quantity article as a long article using images and videos. but when it comes to the images it is not possible to get free images in all time. but about video? yes it is possible you can use any youtube videos in your article, their is no restrictions for using the youtube videos.
  • If you can use your own Youtube videos in your blog’s content, then it really helps to drive the traffic to your video from your blog. This is one of the ultimate feature for using the youtube videos. and if you have monetized your youtube videos then you can earn money with the same traffic. 
  • People loves images and videos more than an article so you can attract your readers by way of adding related videos within your blog posts. For example if write a post about “how to create a new account on facebook” then search the related videos on web and find a good one for you. Finally insert it within your post. Now it has fulfilled your article and the audience can learn about anything completely.
  • Videos are the most helpful to break the language barriers. For example if you have wrote a wonderful article in English, suppose a other language person wants to read your article or he wants to know that trick. then it is really hard to read you post but in that case the video will be more helpful than the article.